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Slash Broker™

Slash Brokers™ program offers remarkable savings.  The table below provides a clear comparison of the financial implications of joining different types of brokerages over a span of five years. In the case of traditional brokerages, one would incur a substantial expenditure, totaling $25,758.34, while opting for a discount brokerage would still result in spending $13,014.04. However, the Slash Brokers™ program offers a remarkable alternative, allowing individuals to retain their real estate licenses for just $1,000 per year. As a result, over the same five-year period, they would spend a mere $6,457.33. This significant cost savings, combined with the opportunity to enjoy 100% commissions and additional professional income streams, highlights the invaluable financial benefits and flexibility that Slash Brokers™ provides to real estate professionals. It’s a financial advantage that allows individuals to seize control of their career and financial future.

Save $7K to $19K or more*

Benefits Calculator

At Slash Brokers™, switching can save you thousands of dollars. But just how much can you save? Let’s delve deeper with our calculator to uncover the true extent of the benefits.

Fees Frequency Traditional Brokerage Discount Brokerage Slash Brokers
TRREB Registration one-time $460 $460 $0
CREA / OREA Registration one-time $400 $400 $0
RECO Registration one-time $356 $356 $356
Desk Fee Yearly $2400 $0 $0
Brokerage Annual Fee Yearly $300** $300** $299
TRREB Membership Fee Yearly $651.8 $651.8 $0
CREA / OREA Fee Yearly $385 $385 $0
RECO Annual Fee Yearly $350 $350 $350
RECO Insurance Yearly $500 $500 $500
Total $1216 one-time and $4621.80 annually $1216 one-time and $2,221.80 annually $356 one-time and $1149 annually

** Assume $200 per month desk fee in traditional brokerage and $300 annual fee for both traditional and discount brokerages.

* Fees are subject to change which is determined by the OREA, CREA and RECO organizations.

Your Saving with Slash Brokers™

If you’re holding your license in a traditional brokerage, you’d accumulate and incurred $26,000 in fees in 5 years just to maintain your license. Even if you opt for a discount brokerage, you’d still be looking at $13,000 in fees in 5 years. With Slash Brokers, you can retain your license for just $1,000 a year, all while enjoying a 100% commission and other professional incomes. The flexibility and freedom it offers are truly invaluable.

** Assuming a 5% increase in fee each year

Years of LicenseTraditional BrokerageDiscount BrokerageSlash Brokers™ 
Year 1$5,837.80$3,437.80$1,505.00
Year 2$4,621.80$2,221.80$1,149.00
Year 3$4,852.89$2,332.89$1,206.45
Year 4$5,095.53$2,449.53$1,266.77
Year 5$5,350.31$2,572.01$1,330.11
Accumulative Spending$25,758.34$13,014.04$6,457.33

You Might Save ~$19K!!

* over 5 years in a traditional brokerage

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