Frequently Asked Questions

"Parking" your license means you can keep it active by registering with a brokerage that is not a member of real estate boards. In Ontario, being a "parked agent" means you're still a licensed registrant with RECO, but you won't have access to MLS, which is operated by real estate boards. However, you can still help clients trade real estate.

People opt for license parking for various reasons, including the following scenarios:

  • If you're a new registrant and not quite ready to commit to a traditional brokerage.
  • As a part-time agent juggling a full-time career with higher priority.
  • Contemplating retirement and a reduction in business involvement.
  • Desiring some time off to savor life or attend to other life priorities.
  • If you're a real estate investor exclusively dealing with your own property transactions.
  • And the list of reasons doesn't stop here – there are more motivations to explore.

Absolutely! You can earn full commissions when buying and selling for yourself or others.

From RECO's perspective, it's a black-and-white scenario – you're either a licensed real estate agent or you're not. Being registered with RECO signifies your status as a licensed agent, enabling you to engage in real estate transactions on behalf of clients. However, to access MLS data, you'd typically need to be a member of TRREB, CREA, and OREA, each of which involves its own membership fees. Yet, if you find yourself in a situation where MLS access isn't essential, 'parking your license' can be a way to save on those fees while still being able to conduct real estate transactions and earn a supplementary commission income.

No, Slash Broker™ is not a member of any real estate boards and does not have access to MLS. However, if you ever wish to gain access, simply transfer over to our main branch and immediately enjoy MLS access.

Yes, even though you won't get a TRREB refund, you can save on desk fees and potentially earn a higher commission with us.

Yes, you must complete the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program within every two-year registration cycle.

Yes, all RECO registrants must pay the annual E&O Insurance fee.

You only need to pay RECO fees and our fee. Visit our pricing page to see the Slash Broker™ fee.

After you provide us with your information and resignation letter, it will be around 5 business days to complete the transfer. Therefore, the effective date on the resignation letter should be at least 7 days from the date you plan to submit the resignation letter to your existing brokerage and to Slash Broker™.

In the resignation letter, set an effective last day to be 7 days out. And give the letter to your current brokerage and Slash Broker™ immediately. Your current brokerage will set your employment to end on the effective date while Slash Broker™ will start your employment on the same effective date. Your license will be transferred seamlessly with no gap.

You can sign up with us and we'll guide you through the process, making it a breeze.

Complete the Registration form, upload a copy of your resignation letter for your current brokerage in the form and we will handle the rest.

Absolutely! You can still represent buyers and sellers, earning 100% commissions minus transaction fees.

Yes, you can refer leads to another agent from our brokerage and earn a 25% referral fee without moving your pinky!

Yes, we offer a co-listing service where you pay a flat fee, and our co-listing agent will list your property on MLS. You'll earn 100% of the commission as you do 100% of the work, and there's no commission split with the co-listing agent.

Yes, our pre-construction division has Platinum access to units from various developers and projects.



You can park it for as long as you like, and you can switch your subscription type or terminate it anytime.

You can easily switch to our main branch to gain TRREB and MLS access.

Yes, you can follow RECO's instructions for reinstatement, and we can assist you throughout the process. The RECO instructions can be found here.

Unfortunately, no. RECO terminates your license after 2 years from the failure to renew, with no further option for reinstatement. You would need to retake all registration courses to obtain your license.

Unfortunately, currently, we only provide parking services to real estate agents in Ontario.