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 If you’re seeking to cut down on the high costs associated with maintaining a license that runs into thousands of dollars while maintaining the ability to trade, our services are tailor-made for your needs. To make this service beneficial to real estate professionals like yourself, we offer extended lists of services specialized to serve the Slash Brokers™ like you.


License Parking Services

Assist agents in temporarily parking their real estate licenses saving thousands of $$$. Continue to keep your license active and in good standing with the relevant regulatory body. 

Save Money

Save tons of money because you do not have to pay desk fees, MLS fees, OREA fees, CREA fess or any real estate board fees. 

100% Commission on Buy and Sell

Offer the parked agents the ability to continue trading real estate and earn 100% commissions. **

Earn Passive Income

Offer a referral program that allows parked agents to earn passive income for referring potential clients to the brokerage or for connecting active agents with leads.

7-Days Transition Services

Assist parked agents to return to active real estate work if they decide to do so. Provide seamless transition enabling agents to leapfrog their real estate businesses stress-free. Provide support with reactivating their license, updating their skills, and getting back into the market.

Record Keeping

Maintain organized records of the agent's license status, renewal dates, and compliance documentation. This helps both the brokerage and the agent keep track of their licensing obligations. **

Access to Resources & Training

Provide access to the brokerage's resources, such as training materials, market updates, and industry insights, to keep parked agents informed and engaged with the real estate industry during their break. **

Compliance and Renewal Management

Ensure that parked licenses remain compliant with all regulatory requirements, including continuing education, insurance, and fees. Monitor license renewal deadlines and facilitate the renewal process. **

Networking Opportunities

Organize networking events, seminars, and webinars where parked agents can connect with active agents and stay connected with the real estate community.

Flexible Terms

Offer flexibility in terms of how long agents can park their licenses, allowing them to tailor the service to their individual needs and circumstances.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Priced competitively as parked agents maintain their licenses while providing added value to the parked agents. Parked agents can also save thousands on TRREB fees.

Legal and Compliance Consultation

Offer legal and compliance consultation services to help parked agents navigate any regulatory changes or challenges.

** Add-ons required


Our pricing is super simple.  No hidden fees.  Cancel anytime.  Satisfaction Guarantee. 


One-time registration fee $299.  HST extra.

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